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Is Popcorn Fattening?

Popcorn is one of the most loved snacks that people usually prefer, either while watching movies or enjoying their favorite television serials. If you eat a big tub of popcorn smoothie with butter, then it may lead to weight gain, but if you limit the number of toppings, you can easily consume it, and it will not affect your weight. Usually, plane popcorns are low in calories but high in volume. Additionally, it is one of the healthiest and filling snacks available. Some people think “How Fattening Is Popcorn,” this article is created to help you all out.Do remember that popcorn making machines were first invented on 1885

If you are one of those who usually have a question in mind Does Popcorn Make You Fat, then you should check out the answer here. According to the latest reports given by the practitioners, it has been found that popcorn does not make you fat until you add extra smoothening or toppings to it. Some people usually consider consuming popcorn by adding butter or other topics to it. The water content plays an important role in increasing the calorie content of the popcorn.

Apart from this, the oil in which you are preparing the popcorn also leads towards making the popcorn fattening. If you are willing to consume low-fat popcorn or fat-free popcorn, you should try to prepare it in the olive oil. Usually, the virgin olive oil plays an important role in preparing low fat or fat-free popcorn. Additionally, it is also a healthy snack that you can easily consider.

According to the studies done and the details and reports were given by the practitioners, as compared to one pack of oily snack or potato chips, there is a very low amount of calorie content available in the popcorn. Instead of consuming the other snacks, you can easily go for the popcorns that are prepared in the microwave or with the help of virgin olive oil. It will help you in getting rid of the popcorn fattening condition.

Low-calorie count

Usually, in one cup of popcorn, there are 31 calories. If you prepare the popcorn at home, then it will include 40 calories. Additionally, the regular microwave popcorn has 64 calories per cup. It depends upon the individual serving and also the topics. Additionally, you can easily eat an individual serving size bag of microwave popcorn. It will include only a hundred calories. If you add butter in your popcorn, then it will increase the calorie count. Yes, one tablespoon of butter will add 100 calories to your popcorns.

Filling fiber

Popcorn is one of those whole-grain foods that include high fiber. It plays an amazing role in preventing weight gain. Additionally, several practitioners have proved that people who consume more fiber have less risk of gaining weight as compared to those who consume less fiber. Three cup serving of popcorn usually includes fiber up to 3.6 grams. It is 14% of the daily value you should consume.

Popcorn is low in energy density

If we talk about the energy density are the calories per gram, then popcorn usually contains low statistics. It is basically because of the high fiber content available in the popcorn. If you are willing to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight, then you can easily replace popcorn with high energy density foods. It will help you in feeling full just after consuming few calories.

Satiety comparison

If you crave to consume some salty snack, try to grab a pack of popcorn instead of consuming chips or other snacks. According to the studies done, one cup of potato chips includes the same amount of calories as compared to the 6 cups of low-fat popcorn. Even the fat contains in the potato chips is almost high than the popcorn. So that is why it is suggested to consume popcorns instead of potato chips. Many people usually have the question in mind: “is popcorn fattening?” for all those people, there is only one accurate answer: the fat content the fore depends upon the toppings you used to make the popcorn tasty. Sometimes, you add more amount of butter that leads to popcorn fattening.

Popcorn is undoubtedly one of the most favorite snacks of people. You can easily consider having popcorn when it comes to enjoying a healthy snack and light in weight. To make popcorn tasty, people usually add different toppings that make it fattening. Yes, this is the fact that popcorns are not so much fattening it’s just the topping that makes it fattening. There are very little fat content and calories in popcorn as compared to other snacks. You can consider preparing pop called either in the microwave or with the virgin low-fat olive oil even if you are one of those who love having low-fat snacks. These two methods are considered as best for making the popcorn fat free and healthy as well. Additionally, the weight of popcorn is to light that even after consuming some, you will feel fuller and will not make you get fat or increase your calorie count.

While making the popcorn, you need to avoid the butter toppings, the cheese toppings, and another calorie count. Even some people usually love adding caramel to the popcorn so that they can become tastier. This is true, the taste of popcorn depends upon the topping, but this is also the fact that such toppings increase the calorie or carbohydrate count.

Hence, to consume fat-free popcorn, you should try avoiding adding such toppings to the caramel if you are willing to make it healthier than add some vegetables to it. Apart from this, instead of having a cold drink or beverages, you can go for red wine and popcorn. Red wine is very good for the heart.

Finally, these are some essential details that will help you out that popcorn is fattening or not. It all depends upon the eating choices that you are willing to have more calorie count for low-fat popcorn that makes you feel healthy and fuller as well.


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