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Advantages of Adding a Distillery to Restaurants

Adding a distillery to your restaurant has many benefits, aside from the opportunity to expand your beverage offerings. Not only can you offer specialty spirits and craft beers, but you can also make personalized drinks that feature your restaurant’s logo. This can increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Distilleries attract millennials

One of the biggest ways distilleries can attract millennials is to provide an experience that is unique yet familiar. Millennials value an experience over a product, and a distillery that lacks allure is not likely to attract millennials. Millennials also value brands they can relate to. This means that branding should extend beyond logos to include the overall look, feel, voice, and message.

They offer a unique dining experience

New American restaurants are a great way to experience the unique aspects of a distillery. While most distilleries offer tours and other activities, more are offering dining experiences. These restaurants feature dishes that highlight the spirits, showcase seasonal ingredients, and provide an authentic dining experience.

They provide a marketing opportunity

A distillery restaurant is great for word-of-mouth marketing, as they allow local restaurants to promote their products for free. Many distilleries hold special events to promote their products, such as whisky dinners. These dinners can draw up to 80 people at a time. Often, distilleries can continue these special events even after the pandemic is over.

Craft distilleries are becoming more commonplace in larger cities, and consumers are increasingly planning vacations around their local distilleries. This alcohol-driven tourism has helped distilleries expand their reach and open restaurants and bars on-site.

They are profitable

Adding a distillery to a restaurant offers a range of benefits, from expanding the menu to increasing brand awareness. Moreover, a distillery can help restaurants increase profits by attracting new demographics. Distilleries can also help promote a brand by offering customized spirits and beers.

Enjoy Town’s End Distillery Restaurant 

Chet Hitt and Rebekah Hitt are the founders of Town’s End Stillhouse & Grill, a wonderful place for those who live in and love the High Desert. This Apple Valley restaurant provides the general public with the best environment, food, in-house distilled liquor, and unmatched dining experience. Contact them at (760) 961-8696 or visit their website at to know more about them.


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