Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

5 Local Batangueño Delicacies You Should Try

When you think of a Batangas getaway, you mostly think of pristine beaches and day hikes. You could also visit the province and enjoy food tripping in various gastronomic hubs. Dishes such as Lomi and Bulalo dominate the Batangueño gastronomic scene and continue to draw in tourists who want to taste these local specialties.

Like many places in the Philippines, Batangas offers dishes that aren’t just flavorful but provide Batangueño warmth and hospitality to visitors. And if you are looking for other local Batangas dishes aside from Lomi and Bulalo, here are five of them:

Kulawo (Batangas Style Goto)

Batangas’ chilly, bed weather calls for delicious hot soup. Several eateries have large pots filled with rich, flavorful kulawo, or Batangas-style goto. At first glance, the soup looks intimidating because of its reddish broth that may or may not be spicy. Plus, the ox’s tripe, cartilage, and entrails in the soup might make it a little too extreme for tourists.

Nonetheless, kulawo’s rich, balanced flavor and tender meat ingredients make it a favorite soup dish among locals and foodies. Tenants of the rent-to-own houses in Las Piñas may easily travel to Batangas and enjoy the soup for dinner or as a hangover cure, especially during cold nights.

Tablea (Hot Chocolate)

Hot soups aren’t the only comforting way to stay warm in Batangas. Head over to  local cafes and enjoy tablea, the province’s local hot chocolate drink. “Tablea” means “tablet” in Spanish, which is why you’ll find most forms of Batangas tablea come in tablets roughly the shape of cherry tomatoes.

To make the rich hot chocolate beverage, you’ll need to melt it in a saucepan. Add milk, water, and sugar. Use medium heat to cook the chocolate mix until it completely dissolves. Serve in a mug and add chocolate chips, tiny marshmallows, or peppermint candy for a more festive touch.

Tamales sa Ibaan

You probably think of tamales as something sticky and sweet. But in the town of Ibaan, you’ll find a version of tamales made with sticky rice and stuffed with peanuts, annatto, eggs, and shredded chicken. It is a popular finger food that locals and tourists can conveniently eat while on the go. The best place to get tamales sa Ibaan is at Rhemar’s Eatery on A. Hernandez Street.


If you are a fan of eating entrails and other innards, then taghilaw might be your next favorite Batangas dish. Taghilaw is made with pork or beef lungs, heart, and entrails cooked in vinegar, chili peppers, and black pepper. Don’t be fooled by its name–taghilaw is actually a fully cooked dish and never served raw.

Adobong Dilaw

Yes, in Batangas, you’ll find a yellow version of the famous adobo. Adobong Dilaw is prepared just like a typical adobo recipe made in other parts of the Philippines. However, the soup is made with vinegar, soy sauce, and turmeric or yellow ginger. You won’t have a hard time finding the yellow adobo dish as it is offered in various eateries in Lemery and Taal.

As a whole, food is what makes traveling more fun and meaningful. These five local Batangas dishes don’t just sustain locals and tourists; they also reflect the heart-warming hospitality, rich history and culture of this province.


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