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What Are Food Service Displays?

It’s essential to understand what type of food service display is intended. It would be inappropriate to display every product in the same size, making the show look crowded. The heights of different displays will help the customer see what each item contains. Likewise, varying light levels for each display will aid the customer.

Tabletop displays

When choosing a tabletop food service display, you should consider a few factors before purchasing. Of course, the size of your business is essential, but you should also consider the layout and style of your food display. For example, a compact countertop unit can fit next to a register, while a larger buffet-style team can hold several full food pans. The tabletop food service display size will depend on how much product you will be displayed, where it will be placed, and how much space you have to dedicate to it.

You should consider purchasing a display stand that features multiple levels for a buffet line. This style makes it easy to arrange the dishes throughout the buffet table without much room. The material depends on your budget and preferred color palette and structure. Also, make sure the stand is functional. 

Heated display cases

Heated food service display cases are indispensable pieces of equipment in any food establishment. These units keep hot items fresh for long hours. They are available in various styles and sizes to suit any food service business. There are two main types of these units: full service and self-service. Full-service models are often seen in upscale facilities, while self-service units are most commonly used in a cafeteria or buffet setup. They come in various designs to accommodate different types of hot foods.

Hot food merchandisers are excellent for delis, coffee shops, bakeries, and supermarkets. These units can hold various hot food items, including sandwiches, pizza, and rotisserie chicken. These products are also convenient for a quick meal. In addition, heated food merchandisers help reduce labor and operational costs by keeping hot food hot and ready to eat. You can also choose between a countertop and floor-standing unit, depending on the size and shape of your space.

Acrylic bins

These durable acrylic bins make an excellent place to store all sorts of goods. They are durable and attractive, but they also make the contents more visible. There are many different acrylic bins to choose from, making it possible to use them in various establishments. For example, if you have a food service business, you should consider investing in one of these cases. They can be used in multiple situations and complement any type of decor.

Food bins are great for showcasing fresh baked goods, bread, and other foods. Acrylic food displays are easy to clean and come in various sizes. They’re great for convenience stores, grocery stores, and delis. Ask a knowledgeable representative to learn more about your options for further guidance. A professional can help you decide which food service display will look best in your space. In addition, they can answer all your questions regarding the product.

Counter-top merchandisers

Countertop merchandisers for food service have become an integral part of a successful retail operation. These products increase impulse sales by displaying food products that consumers can pick up and go. Most countertop merchandisers feature LED lights and glass doors. A few models even feature adjustable controls to help food service professionals determine each product’s optimal temperature and lighting levels. Whether a restaurant serves hot or cold food, the counter-top merchandising equipment will help it stand out in the crowd.

In addition to providing a convenient place to place food items, these counter-top merchandisers also offer various options to maximize the space they take up in a restaurant. They are available in baskets, stands, and tiered displays to make the most of any space. Because of their precise design, merchandisers also allow customers to see what products they purchase, essential when deciding on a menu item.

Counter-top merchandisers with curved glass

A countertop curved glass display warmer keeps foods at a safe and convenient temperature while increasing impulse sales. Designed with a stainless steel base and curved front glass, this unit features a 25-liter capacity and visible digital temperature control. Countertop merchandisers with curved glass are an excellent option for hot sandwich shops and bakeries.

Federal Industries offers a variety of curved counter-top merchandisers, including Italian-style units that feature a European-style design and curved glass for maximum visibility of products. Regardless of location, the Federal Industries Counter-top merchandisers will increase impulse purchases and boost profits. These innovative cases include features found on more expensive models but are affordable for various budgets. In addition, these units are available in multiple sizes and styles.

Temporary food service displays

Food displays are essential components of any food service establishment. They protect the food from contamination and increase the appeal and saleability of food items. In addition to food displays, other items used in food service include cake covers and trays. While many of these products are temporary, they can be used repeatedly, resulting in cost savings. In addition, the quality of construction and affordability of these products make them an excellent investment. This article explores the many benefits of food displays and why they are essential for any restaurant or bar.

Before setting up a temporary food service display, it is important to determine whether it is permitted for the event space. For example, if a restaurant operates in an outdoor space, it must provide a covered area where employees can wash their hands. It should also be close enough to the display area to provide adequate air circulation and not restrict the free flow of water. Additionally, temporary food service displays should have a roof covering the entire space, which provides a place for customers to wash their hands. Furthermore, any area used for extensive food preparation must be enclosed or screened to prevent the possibility of contamination or accidental burns.


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