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Popular Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Kids love birthdays. It’s a time of year when they get to eat cake, have friends over and play games with their family. For some kids, this is the best day of the year! What better way to make their birthday special than by giving them a cake that they will remember for years to come? There are so many different types of cakes out there, but not all cakes are appropriate for children.

Here are a few ideas for kid-friendly birthday cakes:

  1. Go for the unicorn!

This magical unicorn cake tastes as good as it looks. The fact that it’s small-time is what makes this dish so impressive!

It bakes up impressively high due to being cooked in pans of smaller diameter, which also allows for more creative decorating techniques like turning the pan upside down with streamers on top or creating 3D FX patterns by painting different colour mixtures over one another before the frosting is applied.

Unicorn cakes are usually covered with smooth white frosting, iced on top and down one side to resemble hair. Decorated in swirls of colourful candy for its mane are two golden tips that stand out like horns as well as black slits where eyes would go if they were not cut away by the slice marks made when cutting into this masterpiece!

  1. Rainbow cakes.

Rainbow cakes are simple but elegant, not to mention the fact that they are low maintenance despite being built in layers.

How do you design a rainbow cake, anyway? You can have a smooth, plain white finish with or without rainbow sprinkles. This way the cake’s flavour won’t be revealed when cut and makes it easier to maintain because there are no colours that will show up on top of your masterpiece unless you want them too (and this technique doesn’t require any special tools).

  1. Superhero cakes.

Kids love superheroes. They have their favourite characters and are always excited to see them in their cakes. In fact, a lot of parents are requesting superhero-themed cakes for their kids’ birthdays.

When requesting a superhero cake, the core aspect you have to be meticulous about is the design. Of course, the flavour of the cake matters, but kids are visual eaters, so they would be more enticed to get a slice once they see their action hero on it.

You may want to stick to a staple flavour, such as vanilla or chocolate, as these appeal most to the kids’ tastes. As for the design, make sure that you feature not only their favourite superhero as a topper, but have the frosting reminiscent of the movie scenes the characters are in.

Among today’s most popular superheroes are Spiderman, Groot, and the other members of the Marvel Universe.

  1. Dinosaur cakes.

Aside from superheroes, kids are also into dinosaurs. Dinosaur-themed birthday cakes are highly requested, especially by kids who enjoy exploring nature and the great outdoors (zoos). Dinosaur cakes can be tricky, as some of them do not only make use of toppers, but are carved-out layered cakes of different flavours, then covered with fondant or buttercream frosting.

Dinosaur cakes are popular among boys, and are incorporated in safari-themed birthday parties.



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