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GMO cookies: What are they and how do they work

GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies, is a powerful Sativa that was formed by crossing Chemdawg with GSC. This strain delivers soothing effects that you can feel throughout your body while keeping your attention clear. Garlic cookies / gmo cookies are famous for their capacity to reduce tension and pains without completely sedating the user. GMO Cookies have scents such as fuel, espresso, and fruit. Individuals who use medical marijuana pick this variety to assist reduce symptoms linked with severe pain.

Contrary to popular belief, GMO Cookies are not a unique process but a combination between Chemdawg D and a GSC (previously Girl Scout Cookies) Forum cut. GMO Cookies are reported to have garlic (G), mushroom (M), and onion (O) flavor derived from their Chemdawg ancestors. GMO Cookies are supposed to yield olive green buds with hints of purple and orange; all encased in a trichome mantle.

The smell is a bizarre concoction of tastes and emotions. The flavor, which permeates your nostrils as well, is overpoweringly garlicky, strong, and spicy. It’ll stay on your palate for some time, so get used to it! It smells like botanical and spicy espresso, with a hint of decay. If you desire GMO Cookies, you must do it for hours since it will not go away easily.

However, if you’re prepared for it, it can soothe and intrigue you. It will raise your mind till you experience pure happiness — you will be in the clouds for hours. You’ll soar. Then you’ll fall asleep peacefully, comfortably, and relaxed, plus heavily sedated. Both the body and soul succumb to the allure of enticing GMO cookies. Combined with the strain’s average THC level of 22%, these benefits make it suitable for patients suffering from serious irritation. Tired and sleeplessness can be a downward spiral that GMO Cookies can interrupt. It also diffuses clouds of sadness and assists you in killing the monster of your tension with the poison of truth.

If highly garlic-flavored, hot drowsiness sounds appealing to you; GMO Cookies provide and keep delivering until users feel sleepy. Its herbal, spicy undertones complement the ecstasy if you’re prepared for it. Someone in need of calm and rest, as well as those who have had enough of traditional cures, may discover something truly unique to appreciate in GMO Cookies. That is a good thing! Because once you start to enjoy it, you’ll be addicted for the remainder of the evening.

GMO Cookie Experiment

If you have a poor threshold or are a beginner smoker, use caution when consuming this strain! It has a relatively high THC content and generates a hugely strong head high. With the first few inhales, you will feel an overwhelming wave of calm wash over your body and mind. This direct outcome euphoria and an elevated, more optimistic state of mind. It aids the person in letting go of bad thoughts or whatever tension they could be carrying.

As a result, GMO Cookies can be quite beneficial to persons suffering from sadness or worry. With its calming mindset and hefty body effect, this variety can truly enable the patient to unwind and stay happily present. Garlic Cookies also generate a strong cerebral high, releasing tension and replacing it with a soothing euphoria. This high component can be extremely beneficial to those seeking relief from physical pain, stiffness, or illness.

Unlike the other strains, GMO Cookies produce a high that lasts for more than 3 hours. At first, the high will be physically and mentally ecstatic, but as it declines, it will leave the user in a pleasant and creative mindset for longer than the average strain.


This strain was developed by Divine Genetics, especially for folks with high tolerance; therefore, it is a powerful hitter. The maximum THC level ever measured for Garlic Cookies was over 33%, unusually high for an indica. As a result, if consumed in large quantities, this strain might increase stress, confusion, or extreme couch paralysis. Daily smokers are less likely to encounter these side effects, except the glowing eyes and sticky mouth that accompany more powerful strains. If you have a poor threshold or are new to vaping, take your time and begin slowly with GMO Cookies.


The buds are a pale olive green tint covering white trichomes. Purple and orange trachomas can also be found intertwined throughout the bud. Unlike other indices, the buds on this strain grow tall and flat, like a pepper. GMO Cookies plants will grow to an average build and are pretty dense.

Aroma and flavor

GMO Cookies smell and taste a lot of garlic, despite the name implying a pleasant flavor evocative of baked goods. This breed has a herbal flavor with gasoline notes, but on the exhalation, you’ll discover garlic aromas as well as peppery and flowery undertones. Caryophyllene is the major terpene, adding spiciness to the taste profile and anti-inflammatory properties. GMO Cookies also include limonene and bisabolol in significant amounts. Limonene has a lemon citrus smell and helps to relieve stress and despair. Bisabolol is accountable for the flowery overtones in this strain, and it contains qualities that help with anxiety, arthritis, and immune function.


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