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Festive wines to celebrate the holiday season: christmas and new year’s picks

  1. Sparkling wines for a festive start

Nothing says celebration quite like a glass of sparkling wine. For christmas and new year’s, a bottle of champagne is a classic choice. From the crisp and elegant brut to the subtly sweet demi-sec, champagne offers a variety of styles to suit any palate. These sparkling wines not only pair wonderfully with appetizers but also set a joyous mood for the evening.

  1. Rich reds for cozy evenings

As the winter chill sets in, rich red wines become the heart of many holiday tables. A full-bodied burgundy, with its deep flavors and complex aromas, can be a luxurious addition to your christmas dinner. These wines pair exceptionally well with hearty dishes, such as roasted meats and flavorful stews, making them a perfect choice for a festive meal.

  1. White wines for elegance and versatility

White wines, often underrated during the winter months, can be a delightful surprise at holiday gatherings. A crisp and aromatic oregon pinot gris or a robust chardonnay pairs beautifully with traditional holiday dishes like turkey, ham, and seafood. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for a variety of palates and dishes.

  1. Sweet and fortified wines for dessert

No festive feast is complete without the sweet note of a dessert wine. A classic port or a sweet riesling complements a range of desserts, from christmas puddings to fruit pies. These wines add a luxurious touch to the end of a meal and are perfect for sipping by the fireplace.

  1. Unconventional choices for the adventurous

For those looking to venture beyond the traditional, why not explore a lebanese wine or a bag-in-box wine this holiday season? Lebanese wines offer a unique taste profile that can be a conversation starter at any party. Similarly, bag-in-box wines are not only sustainable but also offer quality and convenience. These choices show your commitment to both quality and environmental consciousness.

  1. Pairing wines with traditional holiday foods

Understanding the art of pairing can elevate your holiday meals to a new level. Whether it’s matching a spicy zinfandel with your roasted meats or a delicate sauvignon blanc with your seafood starters, the right wine can enhance every dish.


Selecting wines for the holiday season is an opportunity to explore and enjoy the vast world of wines. Whether you prefer sparkling, red, white, sweet, or unconventional wines, there’s something for every taste and occasion. This holiday season, let your wine choices reflect the joy and festivity of the celebrations.


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