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Choose the right type of hi-melt burger slices

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  • Hi-melt cheese is a popular cheese to use in burgers. Different brands of hi-melt cheese are in the market, but not all are the same.
  • When purchasing hi-melt cheese in bulk for restaurants, consider factors like flavour and texture, melting ability, shelf life, and thickness of the cheese.

As a burger lover, you know that the right cheese can take your burgers to the next level. The cheese on top is just as important as the patty itself for burgers. While many types of cheese are available in the market, hi-melt cheese has gained popularity due to its ability to melt evenly without leaching. High-melting cheese is an ideal choice for burgers because it creates a gooey and creamy texture that complements the savoury flavour of the patty. There are different brands of hi-melt cheese available in the market. But are all hi-melt cheese created the same?

Are all the hi-melt cheese available in the market the same?

While different brands of hi-melt cheese are available in the market, they are not all the same. Each cheese brand has its unique blend of ingredients, processing methods, and flavour and texture profile, which can affect the overall quality of your burgers. When selecting the best hi-melt cheese for burgers, there are several factors to consider, such as flavour and texture, melting ability, shelf life, and thickness of the cheese slice. Let’s take a closer look at how these factors affect the cheese quality and why you need to consider them while selecting the best hi-melt cheese for your restaurant.

Things to consider when buying hi-melt cheese in bulk

Hi-melt cheese has become a popular choice for many customers who step into restaurants for a pleasing burger experience. Selecting the right hi-melt cheese is important for restaurant owners to make the most of their customer’s interest in delicious and mouth-watering burgers. You should consider the following things while selecting hi-melt cheese for your restaurants to ensure you get the best quality and value for your money.

Flavour and Texture

The flavour and texture of cheese are some of the most critical factors to consider when buying hi-melt cheese. Some customers enjoy a mild taste in their burgers, while others prefer a more robust flavour. It is important to select cheese that has a taste and texture that suits your customers’ preferences. When purchasing cheese in bulk, requesting a sample before making a large order is always a good idea. This helps to ensure that the cheese you are buying meets your requirements.

Melting Ability

Melting ability is the primary characteristic of hi-melt cheese that sets it apart from other types of cheese. The best cheese to use is one that melts evenly without breaking or becoming greasy when heated. While purchasing hi-melt cheese, choosing a brand with a proven record of producing high-quality cheese that melts perfectly every time is crucial. One of the best ways to check the melting ability of hi-melt cheese is to test it in various cooking scenarios, such as grilling, frying, and baking.

Shelf Life

While purchasing hi-melt cheese in bulk, you do not want your cheese to turn bad quickly. A cheese brand with longer shelf life helps to avoid wastage and saves surplus money on cheese purchases. Selecting a brand that uses rigorous processing methods and high-quality ingredients to process the cheese is best. The shelf life of hi-melt burger cheese slices is 365 days, comparatively longer than most hi-melt cheese available in the market. To extend the shelf life of your cheese, it is equally important to store the cheese properly.


The thickness of cheese slices can affect the melting ability of the cheese, which in turn affects the overall taste of your burgers. If the cheese is too thin, it melts quickly, resulting in a greasy burger. At the same time, too thick cheese slice does not melt enough while heating with the patty or bun, resulting in a bland taste. So, choosing a cheese with the right thickness to cook in burgers is crucial. THINS burger slices are designed to have the perfect consistency in burgers. THINS burger slices are a thinner version of hi-melt cheese.


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