Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

How To Manage a Gluten Intolerance

When you first get diagnosed with gluten intolerance, this diagnosis can provide you with so many answers but also pose so many new questions. While you may finally have answers as to why you have difficulty with your diet, you may also be feeling uncertain by understanding this diagnosis and its prognosis. If you have recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, here are a few things that can help you manage it.

Take a Breath

While you may be relieved to have an answer, you may also be experiencing anxiety. The reality is that this will require a drastic change in your life. Don’t worry though. While you will likely need to change your diet, you can still find delicious snacks and gluten free custom cakes Austin TX that will satisfy all of your cravings without harming your body.

Try New Recipes

This next chapter of your life can be an exciting one, as this will push you to try new recipes. You will need to find alternatives ingredients that do not contain gluten; however, you are in luck. There are many tasty and exciting new options available to you. Everything from tapioca to nut to rice flour will put you on the path to new delectable and exciting adventures in your culinary journey.

Keep a Watchful Eye

You may be surprised at how many foods contain gluten; however, something you may not be as aware of is the numerous non-food items that contain gluten. Everything from makeup to medicine can have gluten in its ingredient list. Especially as you are first beginning your gluten-free journey, make sure that you keep a watchful eye for anything in your frequently used products.

When it comes to gluten intolerance, it is critically important for you to take it seriously. While it may cause slight discomfort from exposure, prolonged exposure can lead to serious health risks. If you want to embrace your gluten-free journey, use these tips and you will be well on your way to living a happier, healthier life.


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